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2017 Wellness Programs

FREE Health Webinars, 4-5pm

1/28 - Nutrition & Food

4/22 - 8 Causes of Cravings

6/10 - Combining Food Simplified

8/12 - Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

9/23 - Healthy Snacks

12/2 - Core Principles of a Healthy Traditional Diet

10 Day Sugar Cleanse

Request by email: info@lifeesteem.com

10 Day Junk Food Cleanse

Request by email: info@lifeesteem.com

10 Day Veggie Cleanse

Request by email: info@lifeesteem.com

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

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Finding My Way Home: To Who I Really Am® Workshop NEW

MARCH 11, Temecula, CA

MAY 13, Temecula, CA

JULY 15, Temecula, CA

OCTOBER 21, Temecula, CA

NOVEMBER 18, Temecula, CA

Life Esteem: Finding Your Purpose®

APRIL 20,   Temecula, CA

NOVEMBER 4, Temecula, CA

Life Esteem Self Mastery® Webinar

Call dates & times 626-893-0340


Career Transition® Webinar

MAY 20, Temecula, CA

OCTOBER 28, Temecula, CA

Meditation & Reducing Stress - Temecula, CA:

JAN 29, FEB 22, MAR 29, APR 26,

MAY 24, JUN 28, JULY 26, AUG 30,

SEP 27, OCT 25, or NOV 29

Group Healing Clinic (4 evening, 6-8pm)

JANUARY 19-22, Temecula, CA

FEBRUARY 22-27, Temecula, CA

MARCH 23-26, Temecula, CA

APRIL 6-9, Temecula, CA

MAY 24-28, Temecula, CA

JUNE 15-18, Temecula, CA

JULY 20-23, Kawai, Hawaii

AUGUST 24-27, Temecula, CA

SEPTEMBER 7-10, Temecula, CA

OCTOBER 12-15, Temecula, CA

DECEMBER 7-10, Temecula, CA


Individual Bioenergy Therapy Sessions

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