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Life Esteem Living - 10 Day Junk Food Cleanse

If you’re like many Americans, you probably consume more junk food than you should. Ice cream, baked goods, cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, crackers—even fancy sugar-laden coffee drinks make it into your daily diet. You probably know you should eat better—maybe you've even tried to cut back—but have you ever wondered if your junk food consumption is a full-blown addiction, rather than just a lapse in judgment? The word "addiction" doesn't just relate to drugs and alcohol—junk food can take hold of us and control our eating habits in a similar way.

This detox is perfect for you, if you want to:

• Clean up your diet and loose the weight you put on during the holidays

• Jumpstart your digestion and release toxins

• Have lots of energy

• Create life-long habits to keep you lean, vibrant and full of life.

Most people crave junk food during the mid-afternoon when they’re tired or bored, but if your cravings kick in first thing in the morning, there may be a problem. Similar to an alcoholic who needs a drink to function, your body may feel like it needs junk food to operate. You may be so used to being “high” on junk that your body goes through withdrawal, as it's been several hours since the last fix you got before bed.

A headache can be your body’s signal that something is wrong. If you’ve been consuming excess junk food in the form of sugar, salt, fat, and artificial colors and sweeteners, your body gets accustomed to those items and has difficulty functioning without them. Just like with caffeine, your body relies on the junk food to get through the day.

Junk food consumption can become more about fixing symptoms like lethargy, headaches, jitters, and brain fog than about actual hunger. If junk food “cures” your ailment—even only temporarily—then addiction could be the reason. It may be time to cut back and resolve your symptoms without using junk food to mask them.

We often blame lack of willpower for our overconsumption of unhealthy foods, but processed junk food is designed to make us crave that salty or sweet taste. A great deal of time and effort goes into making food with just the right amount of sugar, salt, fat, and artificial colors and sweeteners to keep us coming back for more. If you feel like you can’t have just one slice, piece, or bite, you may be addicted to one or more of those ingredients.

More than 50 percent of your daily calories come from junk food. People who have a healthy relationship with junk food consume it only on occasion and in moderation. They see highly-processed sugary or salty bites as a treat—not a staple in their diet. If junk food starts to make up the majority of your daily calories—think breakfast pastries, pizza, ice cream, or potato chips all in one day—it may be time for a change. 



These five signs could mean your junk food dependence has turned into more than a simple craving.

[ ] Do you crave junk food first thing in the morning?

[ ] Do you have headaches several times a week?

[ ] Do you crave sweet or salty foods even when you’re not hungry?

[ ] Do you find it hard to have just one slice, piece, or bite—if it’s open, you consume the entire package?

If you answered "YES" to at of these questions, then chances are you would benefit from a JUNK FOOD DETOX.

Get ready for a complete transformation of mind and body.

Give yourself the gift of physical and mental clarity.

Want to conquer your junk food addiction, improve your overall health, and lose weight? A junk food detox may be just the catalyst you need to make positive changes.

The 10-Day Junk Food Detox gives you the tools you need to eliminate your junk food cravings, loss weight and take control of your eating, health and weight.

Ready to commit?

Sign-up today and immediately get the materials to jumpstart your health.

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