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Life Esteem Living - 10 Day Veggie Cleanse

The old adage “What goes in, must come out” holds true for most circumstances. Not everything we put in our bodies makes its way out—and what stays in can cause toxic build-up, digestive distress, and other health problems.

Habitual intake of a diet high in refined and highly processed foods can lead to accumulation of toxins, increased contact time, and irritation to the lining of the excretory system due to constipation and higher pressures developing inside the bowel. The longer toxins hang around your body, including inside your gut—the greater their potential for discomfort.

Jordan Rubin, author of the Makers Diet Revolution, says, even if you eat a healthier diet, you still may encounter toxins; they are present everywhere in our environment. We drink eat, inhale, and produce toxins in small amounts—and no food is guaranteed 100 percent safe. Sometimes foods we eat may contain untold numbers of agents that are not food, like pesticides, additives, colorants, extraneous hormones, chemicals and heavy metals, not to mention prescription and non-prescription drugs—which our bodies, especially the liver, are forced to detoxify. Our elimination systems, especially our urine and stool, play a role in the toxin-cleansing process, too.

Get ready for a complete transformation of the toxin-cleansing process.

Give your digestive system a “clean sweep”.

The 10-Day Veggie Detox gives you the tools you need to detoxify the digestive system, release toxins, eat healthier, and feel better. 

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