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Life Esteem Living Journal: Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle Journal (Paperback Book)


Tired of one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting?

Drained from toxic relationships?

Overwhelmed by stress at work?  

Fed up with those nagging cravings?

Want to feel great in your body?

Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that's empowering and exciting?

The Life Esteem Living Journal is about promoting healthy eating and balanced living. We all desire a happy healthy life. There are many things that influence our health, besides what is on our plates. With good health and a balanced life, you can create a fulfilling life you where born to live.

Understanding the right foods to eat for your body is essential to your well-being. Tracking and monitoring your health goals in all areas, such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy, will help you connect the dots to your unique receipt for living a vibrant, inspired, happy life.

Your body is amazing, intelligent, and self-healing. In fact, your body sends you messages everyday day about your health and well-being. Do you listen? Or are you so busy, stressed, and worried that you neglect the person that has all the answers that are best for you? That person is you. These messages will manifest as intuitions, cravings, or sometimes health problems. When we take the time to quite down the world around us, we begin to hear the whispers of our higher-self. When we do the things that make us joyful, excited, and happy we begin to see and feel the changes in our health and lifestyle. This journal will teach you to listen to your body, promote self-discovery, and help you discovery the best food and lifestyle changes for you, to find your balance and well-being.

It’s easy to overlook all of the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health, but all of the other factors present in our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. This journal is designed to guide and support you in tracking your goals and discovering what primary and secondary foods are right for your body to living an inspired, fulfilling life.

Use this journal to create the life you want, the life that makes you happy!

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