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Life Esteem

 Cathy Chargualaf

Animal Storybook Affirmation Cards (36 Card Deck)


The following cards are a companion to the books Animal Storybook (No 1 & 2) - Building Self-Esteem through Animal Stories. These colorful illustrated animals share affirmations that your children can relate to. Each card, in the deck, shares a unique character that your child can learn from.

As adults, many of our limiting thought patterns can be attributed to childhood conditioning and/or having unconsciously adopted negative beliefs. So let’s teach our children to be positive and know their self-worth!! It’s as easy as having an interactive discussion that allows your child to express their self-value.

Have your child select a card. Read the card together. For example, if the card says, “I support others with love and kindness”, ask your child how has he/she shown love and kindness to others? Having a dialog is one way to validate your child’s self-esteem and self-worth.

Have your child use the remaining blank cards in the deck to create their own affirmations of self-worth.

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