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 Cathy Chargualaf

Career Transition Workshop


The Career Transition process is like going on a journey. If you are not sure where you want to go, or just want to look at new options, you are in the right place. Working through the Career Transition Process will assist you in mapping out your future.

Choosing a career can feel like a monumental decision. At the same time, it can also feel like guesswork. In this seminar you can discover your interests, preferences, and personal styles—exactly the information you need to choose a career they can be passionate about. You will determine an easy-to-use personalized profile.

It helps high school and college students—as well as people in transition—make fulfilling career choices.

Recognize the type of work you enjoy doing and what will bring you the greatest work satisfaction.

Each participate will receive the Career Transition Manual®. 

LENGTH : 4 hours

TIME : 8:00 am - 12:00 noon

LOCATION : Skype Meeting

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  • May, Sat., 16 (8-12noon) Webinar
  • October, Sat., 10 (8-12noon) Webinar

COST : $250.00

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