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Life Esteem

 Cathy Chargualaf

Life Esteem Self Mastery® Webinar


The metaphysical model of Self-Mastery is described in fours essential skills that each person must possess if he/she is going to be successful at anything in life. The Self-Mastery series explores the connection between one’s self-concept and success, how to strengthen and enhance all personal and professional relationships, and the relationship you have with yourself.

The essential elements of Self-Mastery make up a model of excellence. The following elements are also known as Universal Laws, and they apply to all sentient and enlightened beings. 

  • Self-Acceptance – The first of the four skills is the ability to accept yourself unconditionally.
  • Self-Responsibility – The second skill is the call to personal responsibility.
  • Respect for Free Will – The third skill is treating every person will respect.
  • Self-Completeness – The fourth skill is mastering yourself by becoming complete within yourself.
Awareness and changing core beliefs that lead towards mastery of your mind and emotions. The simple intent is to eliminate limiting fear based and limiting beliefs that create unhappiness in your relationships and your life. Eliminating false beliefs in the mind creates more room in your life for emotions of gratitude, love, respect, and happiness.

LENGTH : 4 hours

TIME : 8:00 am - 12:00 noon

LOCATION : Skype Meeting

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  • January, Sat., 18 (8-12noon) Webinar 
  • June, Sat., 13 (8-12noon) Webinar

COST : $250.00

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