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Life Esteem

 Cathy Chargualaf

Change Management PLAYBOOK: Bridging the gap between current and future state


External environment affecting a company affects it’s strategy and, in turn, drives it’s technology, business processes, and internal changes. Addressing these change involve Organizational Change Management (OCM). Organizational Change Management orchestrates and manages changes in organizational behaviors and employee attitudes to move a company from its current state to it’s desired state in response to external stimuli that may negatively affect it’s products and/or services.

This book is an introduction to the discipline of change management. It is a primer for executives and managers on how to lead and manage change. A playbook for change practitioners, giving the reader insight into best practices in Organizational Change Management. The goal of this book is to manage the people side of change, prepare organizations and end-users to, ultimately, minimize the depth and, shorten the duration of the productivity dip caused by the change.


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