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Life Esteem

 Cathy Chargualaf

Change Management Consulting

Today, more than ever, we face tremendous personal and professional challenges and unprecedented global change. To succeed in today’s marketplace, companies need to manage change more precisely in order to realize the full value of their transformation efforts.

Change Management Consulting focuses on Individual Change, Organizational Transformation (Leading the Change), Business Readiness (Managing the Change), Building Strategic Change Capabilities, and specific change journeys that build resilience in your organization.

Individual Change

Individual Change Management focuses how to deal and adapt to personal and professional change. Learn to raise your potential and begin to rediscover the benefits of learning and adapting to change, the stages of change, and how to mange your place on the change curve. 

The fact is that organizations don't just change because of new systems, processes or structures. They change because the people within the organization adapt and change too. Only when the people within it have made their own personal transitions can an organization truly reap the benefits of change. Whether you are going through person change, organizational change, or building capability within your organization, we give individuals the information and help they need, depending on where they are on the Change Curve [1].   This will help you accelerate change, and increase its likelihood of success.

[1] Adapted from Kubler-Ross Change Curve

Organizational Transformation (Leading the Change)

Organizational Transformation provides holistic and integrated solutions that can help your business drive positive outcomes by supporting and leading large, complex, enterprise-wide change.

  • Agile Change Approach
  • Executive & Sponsor Coaching
  • Change Strategy & Plan
  • Resource Management
  • Integration with Project Management
  • Communication Strategy & Plans
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training Strategy & Plan
  • Resistance Management
  • Measures of Success
  • Reinforcement 

Business Readiness (Managing the Change)

Business Readiness focuses on the discipline of developing the right change strategies to address your specific needs, whether the change program complements an organization transformation or focuses on business readiness.

  • Integrating Agile and Change
  • Executive & Individual Coaching
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Business Unit Engagement (Network Approach)
  • Organizational Change Impact Assessments
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Managing Change
  • Sponsor & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communication Strategy & Delivery
  • Organizational Readiness Assessments
  • Process Improvement & Re-engineering
  • Adoption & Training Readiness
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Readiness and Adoption Strategy & Plans
  • Resistant and Risk Management Plans
  • Post-Implementation support Recommendations
  • Lessons Learned & Leading Practices
  • Building internal Change Capability

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Additional Support Services:

Team performance, leadership development, communication, and decision making skills.

Building Strategic Change Capabilities

Organizations around the world are looking for better ways to implement more changes, more effectively and at a faster pace. As a core competency that results in improved organizational agility, change management is a smart investment that will yield benefits immediately and for years to come.

The more you weave change management into the fabric of your organization, the better you can manage the people side of change, help transition your employees through those changes, and increase rates of adoption and utilization. And doing so on an ongoing basis enables your organization to adopt more changes, more quickly.

  • Approaches to investing in change management
  • Capability areas you can build to become more change-ready
  • Outcomes you can achieve from building strategic change capabilities in an uncertain world

Organizations that develop capability consider change management a core competency-it's central to the way they do business. Doing it well can help you improve productivity, support innovation, and even create a competitive advantage.

There’s no value in a new process that your employees circumvent because they prefer to do things the old way or can’t apply a digital technology effectively because they don’t understand how it helps them or how to use it. Value doesn’t come from change. Value comes from changes that get adopted and used.

We know that successful change implementations—those that employees adopt and use—produce better project outcomes. Prosci research confirms that projects with excellent change management produce as much as 6X better outcomes than those with poor change management. And better project outcomes improve the financial and strategic success of your project investments and your organization.

When you embark on the journey to build enterprise change capability, the goal is to build lasting capabilities throughout your organization. Training and coaching should not only focus on change management experts but also on executives, deployment leaders, front-line employees and other stakeholders who learn how to apply their role to the current change while they’re building the overarching skills to apply change management in the future. 

The nature of change today requires organizations to act on it with focus, speed and agility.  Let's talk about the best approach for you.


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With my education and over 25 years of experience with complex, multi-year, enterprise change projects, it has equipped me with extensive knowledge in applying Change Management methodologies.  

I am the founder of Life Esteem’s Consulting practice, based in Southern California, with experience delivering transformation for clients in the United States, Canada, and Guam. As a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), I participated in the development of the ACMP Certification Standards.  I have proven experience leading large scale organizational change, business readiness, Agile change programs, executive coaching, operational readiness, business process improvement and re-engineering, and building change skills with practitioners. 

I received Professional Certification training where I learned Change Management, Consulting Skills, Instructional System Design Methodology, and Personality/ Leadership/Career Assessments, and Conflict Management:

  • Organizational Change Management Certification (Prosci Methodology)
  • Change Management Certification (Colorado State University)
  • Organizational Change Management Consulting Certification (Kotter OCM Methodology)
  • Process Design & Implementation: Reengineering and Change Management Certification (Hammer and Company)
  • Performance Consulting Skills Certification (Friesen, Kaye & Assoc.)
  • Instructional Systems Design Methodology Certification (Friesen, Kaye & Assoc.)
  • California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI-260) Certification – Leadership Assessment
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Certification - Personality Assessments
  • InterStrength - CORE Approach™, Interaction Style, Essential Motivators, & Cognitive Dynamics - Certified Practitioner
  • Mediation Training Institute - Certified Conflict Management Trainer  - Certified Trainer
  • Mediation Training Institute - Certified Manager & Employee Mediation  - Certified Trainer
  • HeartMath Institute - Certified Coach/Mentor Qualified to train HeartMath tools and techniques 
  • HeartMath Institute - Certified Coach/Mentor/Trainer for Building Personal Resilience 
  • HeartMath Institute - Certified Provider for Personal Well-Being Assessment 
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™ (TKI™) Certification – Managing Conflict Assessment
  • Strong Interest Inventory (Strong™) Certification Individual Career Assessment
  • The CultureWork® - Motivators Assessment - Certified Coach 
  • What Motivates Me - Trainer Certification

Founding Member of ACMP

Kotter Change Management


Organizational Change Management  Certification

Mediation Training Institute Certificated Trainer for Manager and Employee Mediation, and Conflict Management

The CultureWorks Motivators

Certified Coach

What Motivates ME Engagement Training- Certified Facilitator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Certification - 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®),
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®),
 CPI 260® personality assessment for leaders and managers, and Career Interest Inventory® assessment ( Strong®)
InterStrength - CORE Approach™, Interaction Style, Essential Motivators, & Cognitive Dynamics - Certified Practitioner