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Change Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting

Today, more than ever, we face tremendous personal and professional challenges and unprecedented global change. To succeed in today’s marketplace, companies need to manage change more precisely in order to realize the full value of their transformation efforts.

Change Management Consulting focuses on individual change, organizational transformations, and specific change journeys that build resilience in your organization.

Change Management Consulting Services:

Individual Change

Individual Change Management focuses how to deal and adapt to personal and professional change. Learn to raise your potential and begin to rediscover the benefits of learning and adapting to change, the stages of change, and how to mange your place on the change curve. 

[1] Adapted from Kubler-Ross Change Curve

The fact is that organizations don't just change because of new systems, processes or structures. They change because the people within the organization adapt and change too. Only when the people within it have made their own personal transitions can an organization truly reap the benefits of change. Whether you are going through person change, organizational change, or building capability within your organization, we give individuals the information and help they need, depending on where they are on the Change Curve [1].   This will help you accelerate change, and increase its likelihood of success.

Organizational Transformation (Leading the Change)

provides holistic and integrated solutions that can help your business drive positive outcomes by supporting, planning and managing enterprise-wide organization change programs.

  • Organizational Change Strategy & Plans
  • Sponsor activities and sponsor roadmaps
  • Coaching and Training on Change Management 
  • Training Strategy & Plans
  • Communication Strategy & Plans
  • Readiness and Adoption Strategy & Plans
  • Resistant and Risk Management Plans

Change Management  (Managing the Change)

focuses on the discipline of developing the right change strategies to address your specific needs, whether the change program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs.

  • Executive & Individual Coaching
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Business Unit Engagement (Network Approach)
  • Organizational Change Impact Assessments
  • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Managing Change
  • Sponsor & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communication Strategy & Delivery
  • Organizational Readiness Assessments
  • Process Improvement & Reengineering
  • Adoption & Training Readiness
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Reinforcement Recommendations
  • Post-Implementation support Recommendations
  • Lessons Learned & Leading Practices
  • Building internal Change Capability


Book by Dr. Cathy Chargualaf,

Change Management PLAYBOOK

Supporting Change Materials:

Team performance, leadership development, communication skills, decision making, change management, career counseling. 


Introduction to TYPE


Introduction to TYPE and CONFLICT


Introduction to TYPE and TEAMS



(Using MBTI)

CAREER Transition



With my education and over 20 years of experience with complex, multi-year, enterprise change projects, it has equipped me with extensive knowledge in applying Change Management methodologies. As a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), I participated on the development of the ACMP Certification Standards.

I received Professional Certification training where I learned Change Management, Consulting Skills, Instructional System Design Methodology, and Personality/ Leadership/Career Assessments, and Conflict Management:

  • Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Certification (Association of Change Management Professionals)
  • Organizational Change Management Certification (Prosci Methodology)
  • Change Management Certification (Colorado State University)
  • Organizational Change Management Consulting Certification (Kotter OCM Methodology)
  • Process Design & Implementation: Reengineering and Change Management Certification (Hammer and Company)
  • Performance Consulting Skills Certification (Friesen, Kaye & Assoc.)
  • Instructional Systems Design Methodology Certification (Friesen, Kaye & Assoc.)
  • California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI-260) Certification – Leadership Assessment
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Certification - Personality Assessments
  • Interstrength Method Certification – (MBTI®) Individual and Team Personality Assessment
  • Conflict Management Certification – Manager and Employee Mediation, (Mediation Training Institute)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™ (TKI™) Certification – Managing Conflict Assessment
  • Strong Interest Inventory (Strong™) Certification Individual Career Assessment

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