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Moving Through Personal Change Program

Kubler-Ross emphasized that we move through stages of change.   Moving through change, at individual level, must equip individuals with the tools they need. Teaching them about the Prosci ADKAR® Model and how to use it will prepare them for success.

The ADKAR® Model provides a framework for enabling one person to make a transition.  Individuals move through the change process in a predictable and expected path.  No matter how large of change you are taking on, the success of that change ultimately lies with you doing the right things that help you move forward.  

The Elements of the ADKAR® Model:


  • AWARENESS of the need for change
  • DESIRE to change
  • KNOWLEDGE of how the change 
  • ABILITY to apply the change
  • REINFORCEMENT to sustain the change

There are Three Stages of Change:

Having an individual change process is critical to moving you through the change with success.  

The three stages of change are the current state, transition state, and future state.  The ADKAR® Model is a powerful framework that breaks down change into distinct elements that help you understand the process of change and how to manage it. 

To move out of the current state, an individual needs awareness of the need for change and a desire to participate in and support the change.
Successfully moving through the transition state requires knowledge on how to change and the ability to implement the required skills and behaviors.

In the future state, individuals need ability and reinforcement to sustain the change.

You can use the ADKAR Model assessment to identify your barriers and gaps to change. Once you understand this and the root cause of your inability to change, you can develop a strategy for moving through the change.

  • Learn to adopt changes faster
  • Stay focused during disruptive change
  • Understand how to navigate change
  • Obtain tools to feel in control



LENGTH: 1 hour session

LOCATION : Teams or Skype Meeting

COST: $75.00/per person

Each participate will receive:

  • Personal Change ADKAR Assessment
  • Coaching and mentoring to create an action plan

At Life Esteem we believe in inspiring and empowering you.

Come together with like-mind individuals, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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"The five ADKAR elements—awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement—are the building blocks for creating change from the human perspective."

"The ADKAR model allows adults, youth, and teens to focus their activities on what will drive individual change and therefore achieve desired outcomes or goals"

"It provides a simple, easy-to-use framework for parents to support family members during times of change."

"Helps families discuss and solve problems together.  Using the ADKAR model you can ask questions that will get to the heart of the challenges that family members are struggling with, and address where individual may be stuck."

"As a parent, I see how this helps my children and teens reduce stress and anxiety by identifying their barrier point and plan what they need to do next to solve challenges."

"ADKAR can be used to identify why I may be struggling with a particular situation." 

"When you face a decision, you can use the ADKAR model to identify where you may more information, to make a decision."

"The ADKAR Model provides a helpful framework for discussing change in a direct conversation, in a productive way. 

"Gives individuals, managers, and leaders a common language to describe and discuss change together.  A common language makes difficult conversations more outcome-oriented."

Prosci’s research results, from study participants, shed light on the applications of and results of providing managers with the ADKAR Model:

“It provides them a framework to understand where in the process they are in terms of implementing change to their teams and how they can/should have a cadence to their delivery.  Also helps them understand their role as a sponsor of change.”

“Managers tend to move fast through the project mode, and think that people will behave differently as soon as they hear that change is required. With ADKAR, we get them to understand that more will be needed, that you need to invest in awareness, that you need to talk with people, engage them to come up with ideas etc... We hope to reduce the stress and burnout in the organization by paying more attention to how we implement projects / changes.”

“Easy to understand and use, and yields immediate results when engaging employees - facilitation tool for engagement.”

“It is intuitive and we can build coaching conversations around ADKAR.  Often change conversations can be difficult. With ADKAR in mind they can ask questions that will get to the heart of the challenges that managers can experience in supporting staff through change. When staff identify a barrier point that the manager needs support to help their staff overcome, they have a language to provide feedback to project teams.  Keeps everyone moving in the same direction and enables project teams and operational managers and supervisors to connect.”