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How I Healed my Anxiety Naturally

Are you living in a state of constant dissonance?

Dissonance means imbalance or disharmony. When you’re in this state, you are most likely in a state of fight or flight, so your body can’t relax. Your body is busy trying to fight off a bad guy or get the heck outta there. So as you can imagine, daily anxiety can wreak havoc on your life and you mental, physical and emotional health as well.

Are you searching for natural and holistic remedies?

HeartMath's heart-breathing technique, help you immediately feel a difference. Activate “higher feelings” such as gratitude, compassion or appreciation, which brings you energy from a state of “dissonance” into a state of “coherence” which shifts your energy into harmony and balance.

Learning this will change your life.

Make HeartMath a part of your day to day life.

Anytime you feeling anxious, find a quiet place where you can be still and focus on your breath.

1. Place your hand on your heart and tune into your heart energy.

2. Inhale in for 3 sec., exhale out for 5 sec. slowly and with deep breaths.

3. Bring in a good feeling into your heart. FEEL all the love and appreciation. THINK of all that you are GRATEFUL for. 

4. After about 5 minutes,or so, notice how you feel.  More calmer, centered, connected, and balanced.


You will love way you feel!!!

As you go deeper and deeper into a state of coherence (heart-centered), you feel better and better. But you have to remember to set aside time to practice this and be diligent about it every day, because this practice works best when you do it consistently.


Each day as you bring your energy into harmony and balance, your energy builds stronger and you gain a more powerful momentum. And eventually you transition into a new higher state of vibration. Your “baseline” shifts, from a dominant low vibration into a higher vibration and your life starts to flow better. Each day as you bring yourself into alignment, you are operating from your natural state of being.  You begin to flow with ease.

​Learn the HeartMath Techniques to reduce your anxiety naturally with Dr. Cathy Chargualaf. Schedule a session at:

Source: HeartMath

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