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Making and Keeping Friends: Resolving Problems in Relationships

Making and Keeping Friends: Resolving Problems in Relationships

Because each situation is different, you will have to use your resourcefulness, along with good communication skills and other strategies, to decide what to do and what action to take each time a difficult situation comes up or you become aware of a difference that is keeping your friendship from being a good one. Some things you can do include:

• talk with the other person using "I" statements that describe how you feel in a situation rather than making an assumption about how the other person feels

• work with your friend to develop a plan to resolve the situation, including the steps each of you will take and when you will take them (check in with each other often about your progress)

• do a reality check with yourself, asking yourself what is really happening, and deciding on solutions that will work for you

• be clear with yourself and with your friends about your boundaries, saying "no" when necessary

Activity: List any other ideas you might have to solve problems in relationships

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