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Setting Priorities to Attain Big Goals







Once you set a big goal, your next step is to outline each step along the way that will incrementally get you closer to achieving that goal. This process is known as prioritizing. When you use prioritization to help you achieve a big goal, the work needed to get to that goal won’t seem as daunting or overwhelming.

The first step in attaining a major goal is mapping it out. By doing this, you can see the steps needed to accomplish it. Follow the guidelines below to help you prioritize and obtain what you really want.


Once you find something you want or need, it’s time to strategize. For example, if you are interested in purchasing a new car, find out how much money you would need to afford it. Then, write down ways you can save this money; maybe you could open a savings account and deposit a portion of your paycheck into it, or maybe you could reduce spending on dining out and instead put that money towards the new vehicle. Whatever route you choose to attaining your goal, map it out, and stick to it.






Don’t be deceived by appealing items that you think you need in order to attain your big goal. Stay focused on what’s really important. For instance, do you really need the leather seats on that new car you’re looking at, or could you do without that upgrade? Examine what is most important, and be real about what you could do without. Let go of the things you don’t need, by reminding yourself of the larger goal at hand and what matters most to get you there.




Referring back to the car example, if you don’t get the leather seats, there may be other alternatives that can also suit your lifestyle. Cheaper cloth seats can be comfortable, easy to clean, and may be available in colors that you like, so investigate other choices that can make you just as happy as the more expensive options. By seeking out other alternatives when trying to reach a major goal, you can more easily attain that big goal without wasting time and money on things you can live without.

Written by Life Advantages - Author Delvina Miremadi © 2016


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