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Special Care Focus: Coronavirus (Technique for Reducing and Overcoming Fear)

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic expands its footprint to over 100 countries, it is obvious that fear and anxiety, due to uncertainty, are robustly on the increase.


The Care Focus below is to compassionately help transform the intensity of personal fear into a more grounded attitude and feeling of managed concern, which, unlike fear, connects us more deeply to our heart’s intuitive discernment. This provides clearer thinking, effective discernment, and much better choices through times of uncertainty and rapid changes.


Many people have benefitted from this practice, because they are simply tired of allowing fear to repress the power and strength of who they really are. We know that fear can serve a purpose of helping us take precautionary measures, yet sustained, highly amped fear can deteriorate our two most important purposes — maintaining health and clarity in our reasoning.


Research has shown that balancing the energetic nature of our mind and emotions, while practicing compassionate care for others and ourselves enhances the immune system. However, excessive worry, anxiety or fear compromises the immune system and much more, making us increasingly susceptible to viruses and disease. Fear disempowers us, whereas the attitude of managed concern leaves us more in charge of our mental and emotional nature — and provides easier access to our intuitive guidance and highest choices. Fear disrupts this connection, especially when we need it the most, for grounded direction.


As we watch the news reports, it’s effective to practice listening from the attitude of managed concern to reduce the fear effect. Be patient with yourself; any progress when dealing with fear is a lot of progress. Managed concern is a mental and emotional state that can leave us informed, without allowing us to be infected and debilitated by the emotional virus of fear’s momentum. The Care Focus practice below can help us become progressively more empowered and confident when we find ourselves challenged by fear and intense anxiety. Don’t give up. In the beginning it can seem more challenging. Put your heart into it and you will see results. Self-compassion and patience quicken your progress in fear maintenance.


Radiating compassionate care to yourself and others helps calm the ramped up mental and emotional energy, which drives fear momentums beyond what seems manageable. We can change these behavior imprints. We can use this virus as a practice opportunity to finally regain our power by reducing our fear to managed concern, which connects us with intelligent choices and actions.


Managed concern is a health-conscious replacement for fear.


Care Focus- Replacing Fear with Managed Concern

The tool is intentionally simple but effective.

1. Breathing at a relaxed pace, pretend you are breathing through your heart or chest area and imagine that you are calming your mind and emotions with each breath. (Calm emotions help to create a space that enables intuitive access to clearer discernment and choices when evaluating situations.)


2. As you breathe, visualize mental and emotional calm and poise streaming into your mind and into all your cells. Hold a conscious intention in your heart to change feelings of anxiety or fear into feelings of managed concern. Practice will increase your capacity to maintain care and compassion for humanity’s challenges without creating burnout in your own system. Remember, any progress is a lot of progress when reducing fear. Be patient.


3. Let’s close by radiating compassionate care and calm into the global energetic field to help reduce the fear and see people making smarter, less stressful choices from a perception and attitude of managed concern. This leaves people more in charge rather than pawns of fear and mental scatter. The Coronavirus is a perfect situation for this effective practice to transform the fears and anxiety that suppress much of our life force and power to create a better life.


You can continue to practice this Special Care Focus, if convenient, for 5 minutes each day to help lift the energy field environment that surrounds you, your family and our planet.

If you would like more heart-based practices and information regarding fear reduction,  Heart Intelligence, and/or connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, from which this Care Focus was adapted contact Dr. Cathy Chargualaf at:

Source: HeartMath

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