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Spirituality - the source of ultimate meaning

Spirituality is a sense of connection with the source of ultimate meaning. Frequently, spirituality includes connection with oneself, with others, with nature, or with a higher power. This connection helps an individual make sense of his or her life.

For many people, spirituality is truly a quest for meaning and wholeness. Research has revealed a relationship between spirituality and health. To treat the whole person—body, mind, emotions, and spirit—and to guide individuals to find inner peace, with such techniques as guided imagery, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, repetitive prayer, mantras, Healing Touch, practicing forgiveness and gratitude, and experiencing the power of positive thinking.

Sometimes we need to pause and reflect. The act of reflecting involves reconnecting with what is important in your life. It is about finding hope, establishing community, changing your perspective on any health challenges, and ultimately, finding inner peace.

What spiritual practices bring meaning to your life?


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