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Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem

Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem

Feeling good about yourself is an essential element to living a healthy, happy life. Unfortunately, we are often our own worst enemy. Whether we are insecure about certain parts of our lives or we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, how we feel about who we are and how we live our lives can greatly impact our quality of life. The good news is self-esteem is something you can work on and change for the better. Read on to find how you can increase your self-esteem and enhance your life.

Replacing Negative Self-Talk with Positive Self-Talk

What happens when you make a mistake? Listen to your internal monologue and find out what you’re saying to yourself and about yourself. By tuning into how you treat yourself internally, you can make your internal monologue more positive. When you don’t verbally beat yourself up, you can bring more positive feelings into your life.



Take some time to reflect. What have you accomplished? It doesn’t matter if it is a big thing or a small thing, if it means something to you and makes you feel good, it’s important. Write them down on a piece of paper or take time to think about each success. By noting them, you can realize that what you’ve done is significant.





Don’t be a doormat. Think before you speak, but speak up when it is necessary to do so. Respect the opinions of others, and also respect that you have an opinion, too. Teaching yourself to be assertive and to communicate effectively can help your relationship with others and your relationship with yourself.



If you make a mistake or blunder, don’t take it too seriously. Mistakes happen all the time, so forgive yourself and others when they happen. Don’t criticize or dwell on what’s happened, move forward and use it as a learning situation.




Who do you spend time with? The friendships and relationships you choose say a lot about how you feel about yourself. It is important for the people who are close to you to be supportive and kind to you. If they aren’t, reconsider those relationships. Finding people who support you helps you support yourself.

Written by Life Advantages - Author Delvina Miremadi © 2016


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