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The Resilient Heart Project

The Resilient Heart program is a trauma-informed care program.  The program participants will learn how to incorporate the HeartMath skill, set in a trauma-sensitive manner, to build individual's capacities for resilience, emotional regulation, and reconnection with their sense of self-security and well-being.

Bringing Heart And Healing To Those Affected By Trauma

For more than 29 years, HeartMath trainers and coaches have helped people who have suffered from stress and trauma. Now, there is a trauma-focused HeartMath program to provide greater access to techniques and technology that have opened the hearts, provided relief, and restored hope for so many.  

The Resilient Heart Project provides the following support to:

  • Humanitarian aid-worker program.
  • A program for trauma survivors.
  • Heart-focused resources that inform parents and schools about trauma.
  • First-responders program.
  • At Promise youth programs 
  • Survivors of trauma 

Science has shown that positive emotions can help shift and replace out stress-producing feelings and perceptions. This services to counter balance the depleting effects from our stressful reactions and also positively affects our psychological and physiological levels.  Dr. Cathy Chargualaf is a certified HeartMath mentor, coach, and trainer that provides hope and help to children and adults affected by trauma in the U.S. and around the world.  


Providing simple methods of integrating the HeartMath techniques into trauma-focused therapies. 


Passionately bringing hope to those affected by chronic stress, natural disasters, war, civil strife, terrorism, torture, PTSD, flight from home and country, school shootings, loss of loved ones and other kinds of trauma.


Helping people reconnect with the healing properties of their heart, and restoring hope through heart-coherence transformation.


  • Comprehensive trauma‑informed knowledge, wisdom, and practical tips.
  • Evidence‑based HeartMath self‑regulation techniques in a trauma‑sensitive manner.
  • Tools for emotion self-regulation and control of flashbacks and panic attacks.
  • HeartMath techniques that integrate into different trauma treatment modalities.
  • Personal practice and learn to self‑regulate and reconnect to a sense of self-security and well-being.

Provided by Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner.
  • Uses real-time biofeedback to demonstrate the effect emotions have on the body and to facilitate self-regulation.
  • Provides evidence-based treatment to improve common symptoms following trauma, including problems with attention, emotion regulation, learning, sleep, anxiety and depression.
  • Improves physiological and emotional resilience.


LENGTH: 1-2 hours (individual and group sessions)

LOCATION : Teams or Skype Meeting

COST: Call for pricing

Who would benefit: 

  • Refugees
  • Veterans
  • At-Promise Youth
  • Perpetrators
  • parents and schools
  • Survivors of human trafficking
  • Incarcerated women
  • Children and teens
  • Survivors of trauma 
If you have any questions, 
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If you are interested in the The Resilient Heart Project, contact us and we will schedule a consultation session to discuss your specific needs.


What people who have used HeartMath for trauma relief say:

“Before HeartMath, I would interact with those painful thoughts and memories for long periods before I would become aware that I was doing it. Today as soon as the thoughts/memories pop into my consciousness, I do my best not to let them take me over. … I go somewhere quiet, plug in my [Inner Balance] sensor, and do a quick session to restore my inner peace.”

 Retired Combat Veteran, U.S. Army

“This student transformed from suffering weekly panic attacks to zero panic attacks after being introduced to the HeartMath system. She relayed several stories of noticing herself heading toward a panic attack, stepping away to use the Quick Coherence Technique, self-regulating, and being able to return to work, school, or intense family conversations having stopped the attacks. … HeartMath helped open her up to herself and she was able to heal herself because of it.”

 Mental Health Instructor, New York Institute of Technology

“I can honestly say, the most challenging crisis for me to have witnessed in the past was when my son had been in a state of inconsolable sorrow. It meant everything to me to know that I was not adding to his disruption through my own emotional reaction, that I had the tools to work through my own ‘stuff’, support him, radiate coherence and walk him through a tool that could empower him to see and feel his emotions from a healthier place.”

 HeartMath Instructor, Canada

HeartMath techniques, technology and coherence training have helped so many:
  • The community of Moore, Okla. following a devastating 2013 tornado.
  • Students and parents following mass shootings at Sandy Hook and Parkland schools.
  • Children served by the Santa Cruz County Department of Children’s Mental Health.
  • Survivors of human trafficking.
  • Foster children and other children with developmental trauma.
  • Active-duty and combat veterans.
  • Syrian refugees and torture survivors in Lebanon.
  • Survivors of the 2012 Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.