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Heart-Coherent Parenting Programs

We understands you want your children to have a loving home, good health, and quality education. The HeartMath Institute scientists, researchers, educators, and trainers have helped thousands of children worldwide lead healthier, happier lives with heart-focused programs, services, games, and more.

Children – Ages 2-6

Young children have a beautiful way of looking at life. HeartMath encourages and nurtures this by helping children acquire emotional competencies and learn about the qualities of the heart.    What children learn before beginning school, especially socioemotional skills, profoundly affects future academic success, relationships and self-image.

Youth – Ages 7-11

Habits and attitudes formed during elementary school can last a lifetime. HeartMath programs and techniques for this age group provide a head start for the middle and high school years. 

Teens Ages 12-18+

Understanding and managing stress and emotions can help adolescents mature and prepare for higher learning and work. HeartMath programs and technology help them succeed. 

Help children acquire emotional competencies.

Heart rate variability trace (heart rhythm pattern) were recorded in real time from individuals experiencing different emotions. Negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger and frustration, typically give rise to an erratic, irregular heart rhythm pattern (incoherence). Conversely, positive emotions, such as appreciation, care and compassion, produce a highly ordered, stable heart rhythm pattern of smooth, repeating waves (coherence). 

Heart rhythm patterns reflect different emotional states. (From McCraty et al., 2006. © Institute  of HeartMath)   

Help youth achieve extended periods of physiological coherence by actively self-generating positive emotions.

Preadolescence is that marvelous time when children’s curiosity about the world and reliance on personal skills increases. This time is ideal for understanding and self-regulating their emotions. Research shows learning socioemotional skills early can improve behavior, performance and, ultimately, success at home, school and play.

When your children are sad, upset or not feeling well, HeartShift™ is a wonderful and healthy way to cheer up. With your assistance, they can learn to lift their spirits anytime by shifting to the heart.

The coherent state has been correlated with a general sense of well-being and improvements in cognitive, social and physical performance.  (From Institute of HeartMath)
Help teens reduce feelings of anxiety, tension, anger, worry, and sadness.

Once you name and then identify and admit unwanted feelings such as anxiety, tension, anger, worry and sadness, you'll find it's a lot easier to neutralize and release them. When teens experience positive emotions, it will increase the biochemical DHEA, which promotes emotional vitality, slows the aging process and offsets the stress hormone cortisol.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 40 million American adults – that’s 18% of the population – have anxiety disorders, which often begin in childhood. Social phobia alone, when people become overwhelmingly anxious and excessively self-conscious in everyday social situations, affects 15 million adults, and specific phobias, an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger, affects 19.2 million adults in the U.S.

Years of research by the HeartMath Institute has shown you can achieve a healthy balance in your emotions. Help teens learn to stop feeding anxious feelings, create new emotional patterns and behaviors and replace the negative ones that have been draining your energy and spirit.  


Program support for Children Ages 2 to 6
Shift & Shine Technique  
for Ages 3-6: 
With parental guidance, the Shift and Shine™ Technique can help children develop positive emotions, learn the joyful qualities of the heart and enhance this special time in their lives.

Facilitating Emotional Self-Regulation
in Pre-School Children.
Based on a comprehensive HeartMath's highly successful Early HeartSmarts® study and program, children ages 3-6 improved cognitive, sensory, hormonal, and information processing systems. Researchers concur learning socio-emotional skills early gives children a great start in life.

Helping Children Manage Stress
Family, academics, peer pressure and proliferating technology are stressing our youth. Children and those who care for them are managing today’s stressors with habits of the heart.
Program support for Youth Ages 7-11
HeartShift Technique™

When your children are sad, upset or not feeling well, HeartShift™ is a wonderful and healthy way to cheer up. With your assistance, they can learn to lift their spirits anytime by shifting to the heart.

Stress Solutions

Proven Methods of Raising Test Scores . 

Students can learn to increase their coherence, which scientists describe as an optimal performance state that enhances learning, Easy-to-learn steps are included for building coherence, boosting confidence and managing  the negative thoughts and feelings that block comprehension and reason.

Stopping the Bullying
It’s disheartening to learn a child is a bully or victim of bullying. This is a serious and common problem today. HeartMath stresses teaching children to recognize, understand and self-regulate anger, anxiety and fear – emotions that can lead to such negative behavior.

Program support for  Teens 12 - 18+

Quick Coherence Technique®
Adolescence, through the teens and into adulthood, can be wonderful and challenging: transitioning to high school and college, driving, first jobs. Coherence provides stability and extra confidence and energy. This technique was specially developed to help young people get in sync.

Notice and Ease Technique

The simple steps of Notice and Ease will guide teens, teaching them to take the intensity out of negative emotions, ease them out and experience more good feelings such as joy, compassion and vitality.

Heart Lock-In Technique

The Heart Lock-In® Technique, one of HeartMath’s earliest tools, has helped individuals and groups increase heart-rhythm coherence for many years. Now a study* has validated the tool’s effect on synchronization between the heart and geomagnetic activity, which is significant because this synchronization is associated with better health.


LENGTH: 1 hour (individual or group sessions)

LOCATION : Teams or Skype Meeting

COST: Call for pricing

Parents will learn how to recognize the many faces of stress and strategies for helping children lower, manage stress.

Children, youth, and teens will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to build  lead healthier, happier lives with heart-focused techniques.

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“Positive emotion-focused techniques, like those developed by HeartMath, can help individuals effectively replace stressful thoughts and emotional patterns with more positive perceptions and emotions.” -  NBC Today

“Remarkably, simply by recalling a positive emotion the heart rhythms smooth out.” - ABC World New Tonight

“Not only does HeartMath reduce fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure, it can increase mental acuteness and overall performance.” - CBS

“(HeartMath is) a mind-body approach that harnesses people’s ability to improve their health.” - Natural Health

“The HeartMath stress-reduction training program is transforming the way people live their lives.” - Roll Call