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Unlock the Power of Your People

Everything DiSC with Catalyst assessment-based learning experience helps your people better understand themselves and others—empowering them to work better together.

With Everything DiSC®, the personal development learning experience empowers organizations to ignite culture transformation. By combining self-assessments with flexible facilitation and the Catalyst™ platform, learners will experience rich “aha!” moments that inspire lasting behavior change.

Program Information: 


When your people know themselves and others better, they can show up as their true selves in the workplace.

Each person has a unique DiSC® style—no one style is better or worse than the next. We believe that when these differences are assessed and harnessed, better communication and healthier cultures become possible.

Powered by nearly 50 years of research and a 97% global satisfaction rating, Everything DiSC equips learners with the social and emotional know-how for more effective (and enjoyable!) interactions. The result? An immediate and lasting impact on the performance of your people and culture.


Improving your people’s social and emotional skills requires a uniquely human approach that combines personalization, social learning, and ongoing reinforcement.  We understand this formula and offer impactful learning experiences that make lasting behavior change a reality.

How it Works


With each learning experience, learners will:

  1. Take an Assessment - Learners respond to behavioral statements to measure their preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model. 

  2. Discover Unique DiSC Profile - Participants receive their assessment results in a personalized, narratives-style behavioral profile designed to help them better understand themselves and others. 

  3. Bring the Learning to Life - The profile comes to life in a fully customizable, engaging, and educational virtual or in-person classroom experience designed to inspire rich conversations and speak "aha!" moments that make learning real (and fun!)

  4. Apply DiSC to Real-World Situations - Learners gain ongoing access to Catalyst, a personalized learning platform that connects learners to their DiSC profile and to their colleagues to gain real-time tips for more effective interactions. 

The result is a more engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture that drives results—whether your people are remote, in the office, or somewhere in between.



Solutions That Meet Your Unique Needs

People work together in a variety of contexts. No matter your specific need, Everything DiSC is designed to help everyone in your organization work better together—from individual contributors to C-suite executives.


Build Better Relationships

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Module 1: Your DiSC® Style

Participants learn about the DiSC® model and map, helping them understand their unique DiSC style and gain personalized insights.

Module 2: Your Colleagues

Participants work in pairs to learn more about one another on the Catalyst platform “Your Colleagues” page. They discuss their continua results and find new ways to work together.

Module 3: What Drives You

Participants discover their workplace priorities, motivators, and stressors, helping them see how they compare to other styles and consider ways to be more effective at work.

Module 4: You and Other Styles

Using the DiSC model to better understand the people they work with, participants consider how they respond to the different DiSC styles.

Module 5: Build Better Relationships

Participants create strategies and action plans to overcome challenges when working with people of different DiSC styles.

*Available on the Catalyst™ platform  

Schedule a session today!

As your Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC, we work with you to customize each learning experience to meet your organization’s unique needs.

With an expert on your side, you’ll experience the potential of your people and the power of your culture.   


Are you ready to help your people work better together?


“We’ve used Everything DiSC for years, and Catalyst has helped our organization develop a common language to build better relationships. Our employees use Catalyst before a call to gain insight into how to make the most of their meetings.” 

“Everything DiSC has been an instrumental component of our organizational development strategy. We hear references to DiSC styles in conversations, meetings, and even our Holiday Party! It’s certainly been impactful for our organization.”

"The Catalyst platform is brilliant. Employees can discover insights about others as they interact organization-wide.  It enables personal introspection and reflection and showcases how we can improve our interactions with colleagues—amazing!"

"We love Everything DiSC for tis simplicity and insightful assessment of our employees and team make-up."

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