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The heart sends more signals to your brain than your brain sends to your heart

DID YOU KNOW…that your heart sends more signals to your brain than your brain sends to your heart? In other words, your heart and brain are in constant communication— and your heart is doing much of the talking!

It’s especially important, now, to important to have practical techniques to help people reset and reconnect with their own hearts and the hearts of others. The heart is not just a pump. It’s an access point to heart-based consciousness living. When you shifting to a heart focused feeling, such as appreciation, compassion, kindness, or thinking of something that makes you happy, it will help you reset from stressful feeling and creates coherence in your heart rhythms. Research shows that when you’re in a coherent heart rhythm, the mind slows down, and your thoughts become more rational and focused. This gives you more access to the part of your brain that does the “smart thinking”.

When you address the stressors that are depleting you, you are more focused, productive, and you make better decisions.

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