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Life Esteem Self Mastery® Webinar

Learn the secrets to self mastery

Improve or enhance your relationships

Feel good about yourself and others

The metaphysical model of Self-Mastery is described in fours essential skills that each person must possess if he/she is going to be successful at anything in life. The Self-Mastery series explores the connection between one’s self-concept and success, how to strengthen and enhance all personal and professional relationships, and the relationship you have with yourself.

Essentials Elements of Self-Mastery

The essential elements of Self-Mastery make up a model of excellence.

  • Self-Acceptance – The first of the four skills is the ability to accept yourself unconditionally.

  • Self-Responsibility – The second skill is the call to personal responsibility.

  • Respect for Free Will – The third skill is treating every person will respect.

  • Self-Completeness – The fourth skill is mastering yourself by becoming complete within yourself. 

Self-Mastery Elements

If you want a different result, you must take a different action.

Learning to eliminate fear based and limiting beliefs will free you from unhappiness in your relationships and your life. When you eliminate false beliefs in the mind, you create more room in your life for emotions of gratitude, love, respect, and happiness.


Awareness and changing core beliefs that lead towards mastery of your mind and emotions. Learn the secrets to self mastery


The simple intent is to eliminate limiting fear based and limiting beliefs that create unhappiness in your relationships and your life. Improve or enhance your life and relationships


Eliminating false beliefs in the mind creates more room in your life for emotions of gratitude, love, respect, and happiness. Feel good about yourself and others


Learn to:

  • Stop your emotional reactions

  • Control the thoughts in your mind

  • Identify and change core beliefs behind your thoughts and emotions

  • Shift your point of view to see your self and others differently

  • Dissolve the voice in your head that is critical of your self and others

  • Develop respect for your self and for other people

  • Gain control over your attention so you can focus on creating love and happiness in your life, and in your relationships

LENGTH: 4 hour Webinar
LOCATION : Teams or Skype Meeting
COST: $150.00/per person

Each participate will receive:

  • Life Esteem Self Mastery® Workbook

  • Coaching and mentoring to create an action plan


At Life Esteem we believe in inspiring and empowering you.

Come together with like-mind individuals, in a safe and enjoyable environment, on a journey of self discovery that will open your world to the unlimited potential within YOU!  

If you have any questions,

please call


If you are interested in the Life Esteem Self Mastery® Program, contact us and we will schedule a consultation session to discuss your specific needs .  

California State University Extended Education Instructor


     "It was a remarkable class with a remarkable lady. She was truly sincere and concerned about our lives. She helped us get in touch with our purpose in life."

     "I really appreciate all that you have done for me even in the very short time of working together."

     "When your struggling and searching for a solution to either personal or professional concerns and/or issues and don't know where to turn? Are you searching to find the answers to what your purpose in life is? Cathy Chargualaf is my go to gal. She provides life coaching for personal and professional matters. She helps you get to the root of whatever is causing you concern or illness. I have too many experiences to mention in detail, but know that she has helped me to understand and deal with life in general."

  "I had only just met Cathy (Dr. Chargualaf) and was astonished to find that we had an individual of her caliber in our midst. A highly experienced and dedicated professional, Dr. Chargualaf is an amazing listener and can provide tremendous support to the challenges you might be facing on the career aspect or life in general. I found Dr. Chargualaf to be a very kind and humble person, yet incredibly knowledgeable and amazingly supportive. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring support when it comes to transitions in life or guidance with professional development needs."

     "Thank you for providing a great class. The experience was enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. Thanks again for providing and insightful experience."

      "I learned to be positive, be optimistic, and to be ready to grasp opportunities."

     "There is so much goodness in you, you could light up New York. You are amazing. Thank you so much."

    “I highly recommend you check out her website for additional information and contact Cathy for any of these services."

     “I wanted to write you and tell you thank you for helping me conquer some of my fears. I had been suffering with my anxiety since I was about 13 years old. I didn’t realize or know what anxiety was until I turned 18 yrs old. I had been suffering alone for 5 years. When my mom finally understood what was wrong with me, she took me to a psychologist that specialized in anxiety. But, for some reason the help & outcome were minimal. I didn’t feel like I had made any progress. Until I sat down with you and actually talked about my fears, I felt so alone in the world. You taught me to process these feelings in a controllable way. You also gave me the tools to use to get over my fears, when confronted with an attack. People like you are few and far between. Because of you, I am able to travel the U.S., get on an airplane, and attend my college classes without any anxiety. It has taken a couple of years, but I am grateful that I can finally feel a sense of success! I don’t even want to think about where I would be if it wasn’t for you. I want to thank you with all of my heart.”

    "THANK YOU I am learning so much about me from you. Ever so grateful for your support"

    "It gives people that resilience that ability to bonus back, to stay productive, and to stay centered."

    "I believe there are no mistakes in life, and I know you were put in the path to help me. Thank you."

    "I truly believe that because of your natural talents and abilities you have touched my life in a way that has made me a better and happier person. I know that you have provided this experience to many people."

    "I am so grateful for your presence in my life because I know you genuinely care"

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